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Application for consideration of nomination to the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame

Rules of nomination for the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame...
*Nominee must have professionalism and integrity in his/her own community.
*Nominee should be musically talented and have mastered his/her own craft.
*Nominee will have sound credentials including stage, television, and radio experience. 
*Nominee expresses that he or she wants to be a contributing member.
*Nominee may be retired, but has credentials that allow them to be considered.

When nominating a person to be inducted into the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame, please keep these rules in mind. It can be easy to nominate based on friendship or personal relationship, but we strongly advise against it. We at the MCMHOF try to maintain the integrity of the membership, quality of musicianship and overall leadership standards that we have in the past. Thank you for your consideration!

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